Measure twice, and when you’re sure, measure again

Photo by Ashley Byrd on Unsplash

I don’t get it, or I used not to get it. Some transform their entire bodies into a walking billboard. A life history of who you are, where you will be, who you’re with, or unfortunately were with. A tattoo is a message, picture, or both that reminds the person…

I Wish I Were Smart or Very Good at One Thing.

Photo by Olav Ahrens Røtne on Unsplash

Have you ever made that statement? Intelligence is great, but if you aren’t that gifted brainiac, then hopefully, you have an artistic or athletic side or are physically attractive. Unless you’re from Krypton and have superpowers, you will have…

Kevin Lennon

Father, husband & previous business owner who enjoys working out & almost all genres of music though I can’t dance. Blogging is fast becoming my secret passion.

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