Dog Lover or Dog Owner?

Kevin Lennon
5 min readAug 28, 2020
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If you’re reading this, you are most likely a dog owner. I’m a dog owner, so that’s why I’m writing this blog. But is there a difference between a dog owner and a dog lover. A dog lover can, of course, be someone who does not own a dog for various reasons. And many would speculate that if you own a dog, well, you are a dog lover. That is not necessarily the case. I am a dog owner and was never a lover of dogs. I believe pets should be treated with the best of intentions. I began my pet ownership journey that exact way. “I am not a dog person,” is what my motto was to my wife. What does that even mean? Of course, I’m not a dog person. I’m human. I can be a dog, who some women say men are. And I am a person. But a dog person, ½ human, ½ dog? That was my way of saying, I’m a MAN, and I will not get attached, dammit!!!

Pinterest. ½ man, ½ dog.

Well, well, enter the time zone. These four-legged pissing, pooping, shedding creatures have a sly way of sneaking into your mind. Notice I didn’t say, heart. I’m still a man. Real men don’t have compassion, and all dogs are male, and all cats are female. Silly to emphasize these things. We all know these statements to be true.

I am not the friendliest person, and I can be a bit moody. But I do not take my frustrations out on my dogs or anyone. I work out (exercise) to chill my attitude. Whatever I do or, however, I feel, our two dogs are always there ready to soothe. How can you not like that?

Now, let’s discuss the dog owner and the dog lover in the same context. We walk our dogs daily unless it rains heavily. Dogs need the outdoors and thrive on the many smells. Our dogs have aged, 14 and 15 years old, and have slowed down considerably, but they still get walked. I do not enjoy having to do something if I don’t want to do it. I used to pout whenever I needed to walk my doggies. No, I’m not ten years old. I only acted like it. My stubbornness and child-like behavior shine through at the best times. My wife, being the levelheaded mature ½ of the relationship, would proceed out the door with leashes in hand until I was man enough to tag along. At times, she had three pets to look after. I have since matured, thank you.

What astonishes her and me, are the many piles of poop throughout the parks and neighborhood where some low life decided to let nature slowly, and I mean slowly, break down the crap from their dogs. Got your attention?


You are a dog owner, and it is incredibly pompous and irresponsible not to pick up your dog’s crap. We frequently see kids running and playing in parks where someone decided they were too much like royalty to use the many provided doggie bags and trash cans available. I do not understand the person who does not give a shit. That’s not a pun. How difficult is it to pick up after your dog? How difficult is it to pick up after your dog? How difficult is it to pick up after your dog? Yep, three times the charm.

A tell, tell sign of a dog walker not picking up after their pet is, not carrying a doggie poop bag (used or unused). Although not always the case, most times, it is the case. Can you imagine a kid playing in the park and stepping into your dog’s crap? Sure, “it’s not my kid.” That’s precisely what you’re saying when you don’t do what you should. The parents get upset, and the child gets upset because you decided “not to be a responsible adult.” Don’t be that punk, and don’t fool yourself into thinking, “my dog’s crap breaks down” or “I let her go in the bushes.” The one thing fouler than your dog’s crap is the attitude you have not picking up after your pet. If you are that person, please do the right thing. There are no good reasons, only bad excuses. My rant is over.

Living with a dog is different than owning a cat. Dogs are like children, except they never grow up. A dog always wants attention and needs you to feed them at that specific time. They are not independent and remain mentally immature throughout their lives. Cats love attention but enjoy their own space, and they can live alone if need be. If you don’t already have a dog, know that if you get one, you will be a mommy or daddy till their last day. This is neither good nor bad, but it is the truth. I dread my dog’s last day, and I never imagined I would feel this way. They are both perfect companions and are part of our family. I don’t know how I’ll do when they pass. Observing them as they move carefully and slowly is tough. Arthritis is a bitch. The medicine helps, but it is not a cure. Humans have developed methods through foods, drugs, and environment that have prolonged a dog’s life. But the body can only go on so long. Their joints become stiff and painful, and this is tough to watch. You realize one day when it becomes unbearable, and you must make that tough decision. Yeah, I love my dogs, but I would never admit it.

Thank you, Lady and Lexus, for the long years we’ve had together, and I pray for many more. I know now what it’s like to be an actual dog person.

Lady & Lexus. Part of our Family.



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