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I Wish I Were Smart or Very Good at One Thing.

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Have you ever made that statement? Intelligence is great, but if you aren’t that gifted brainiac, then hopefully, you have an artistic or athletic side or are physically attractive. Unless you’re from Krypton and have superpowers, you will have to put in the extra effort to be great. There are many examples of ordinary people who worked their asses off to make things happen; Michael Jordan, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, and my mom, to name a few.

I have known quite a few people with high IQs. Some let you know right away they’re different, while others never let on. One such person was in my elementary school. He was brilliant, and I’m sure he still is today. I believe he was 11 years old in 8th grade. That’s three grades ahead. He was quirky but friendly. Then some are gifted and believe that their intelligence is a gift from Yoda and that they were destined to save the world.

I am impressed when I run across people with high intelligence. Their minds work differently. But for those of us who do not have that Yoda gift, what do we bring to the table? How are we able to add something to the plate? A passion or a desire to create something or help someone is one way. Maybe you’re naturally competitive or have a knack for fixing things. If you don’t possess these traits, then you might be like me. I need to get very fixated on something before I’m able to put in the effort. I am by no means lazy and have and do work extremely hard when needed. But that’s not aspiration or drive. What I seem to lack is that craving like I once had, to get at it. I can’t remember what I’m truly good at anymore. Sure, I have a few small talents but nothing measurable. I love working for myself, but I’ve had an entrepreneurial block for some time. Life is comfortable, and that’s scary. Not that I’m able to buy what I want, but I have more than I need. And if I were able to buy anything, that’s not the answer. Elon Musk is intelligent, but that’s not what seems to drive him. I’m sure his mind is always racing with ideas, partly because he is so smart. The other part is his desire to do different things, to be different.

I struggle with finding that thing that will keep me interested. Many days look like the day before and the week before that. Vacations and time away are fine, but that’s not good enough. Your daily life should be a vacation of a sort. Hard fulfilling work is my vacation. Knowing what I worked on today has had a positive impact on someone.

I recently purchased a guitar. Nope, I’ve never played the guitar, but I have this desire to learn. I know I won’t be the best and will probably be one step above terrible, but I enjoy music and want to play something so that I know I can. Lessons are free on YouTube, and I’m not auditioning for American Idle any time soon, so there’s no pressure or time restraint. Breaking away from day to day is a good comfort.

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As I sit and write this piece, I seem to be answering my question. Do I wish I were smart or very good at one thing? Of course, I do. Maybe I don’t need to be very good at anything. Perhaps I need to find something where I’m just okay. I don’t have to be Superman or Einstein, although that would be cool.

I’ve got it! The one thing I’m very good at. The best of the best. Damn, l do have something I’m good… no, GREAT at,

Feeling sorry for myself.

It’s so easy to do.

Maybe my new title should be,

Get Off Your Ass and Stop Wasting Time.

I hope this helps anyone who has the “woe is me” mood.

If so, “Knowing what I worked on today has had a positive impact on someone.”

Thanks for reading.



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