If You Don’t Have Anything Good to Say…

Kevin Lennon
3 min readOct 30, 2020


…keep your mouth shut. What a profound statement. Or is it? Some people don’t want to hear the truth. “Hey, you’re too old,” or “skinny,” or the one I get all the time, “gosh darn it, you’re way too fine to be human. You must be a god.”

(Hesitate, hesitate, hesitate) ……. Okay, maybe not, but man, that would be so awesome.

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Words have meaning and can hurt. It all depends on how things are said and to what extent. I grew up in a middle-class neighborhood where, as kids, what we said yesterday is considered terrible today. The intentions were not hateful or malicious, but this was our way to be cool. Fast forward to the present, and using those same words can get you socially ostracized.

Times have changed, but not always for the better. I believe society is growing weak by attempting to stop anyone from using words that offend someone. No one likes bullies, and they are never good. But if we can’t deal with a little teasing as kids from our friends, what should we expect from our children as they grow older? Pain is not all bad. It helps us grow stronger.

“A tree without any wind would surely break under its weight. (Kevin Lennon 10.28.20)

I thought I’d quote myself because I just made that up. I hope it’s true. Okay, let me continue.

My meaning is “Without resistance, the mind and body cannot grow.” (Kevin Lennon 10.28.20)

Spooky, another new line.

A little pain or discomfort makes us stronger.

What happened when someone called you a name or said you were too something? Did you scream and curl up and never go outside? Or were you upset and dealt with what they said by either ignoring them or fixing yourself? Bullies are punks, and they will always be around. People can’t change that. But a few words here and there should not make us run and hide. The government will not come to our defense at every wrong turn.

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Why is it acceptable for music lyrics, mostly rap, to use B’s and N’s in their videos and tracks but not okay to hear these names in a movie or locker room? What the hell is the difference. If you complain about the film but not about the lyrics, then you are a hypocrite. Just because you’re black or female doesn’t make it right to call someone an N-word or a B vs. a non-black or male doing the same thing. You ain’t got a special license to do what you want and, at the same time, chastise others for doing what you just did. That’s just stupid. Oops, did I say that?

“Sticks and stones” was a child’s rhyme that I used to believe was silly. I thought, “of course, words will not hurt me.” It’s 2020, but that old rhyme should be given to some adults to read over and over. Why do we care about what others say? If we know what is said is not valid, then ignore it and go on. Words only hurt because we are sensitive, or the comments are accurate. If it’s the latter and changes will help you grow as a person, focus on the growth. Take the harsh criticism and turn lemons into lemonade sweetened with honey. I live in the ATL area and admire a phrase from a local tax company that advertises on the radio;

(man’s voice) “Be A Man” (woman’s voice) “Or a Woman.” Regardless of which gender you are, you are tough and should never let words or phrases hurt or define you.

Life is too short for you taking in more crap than you can Sh... :)



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