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Kevin Lennon
3 min readOct 31, 2020

I recently read a blog and was very impressed by the content and writing. I responded to the blog accordingly. If the writer of the article is reading this, you know who you are. As I was reading, my thought was, “I can’t write like this, but I wish I could.” I do ok at blogging while others are great at it. I’m sure as I blog more frequently, I will improve. Writing well is a talent, similar to other skills like singing, pitching, or dancing. It takes practice and consistency, but that is no guarantee you will be any good.

Stephen King, the king of suspenseful novels, has ten rules of advice. I listed the information below, but you can find more details in the link.

1. Write Sober

2. Avoid Distraction When Writing

3. Listen To Critics

4. Write A First Draft (In Three Months)

5. Avoid Using Adverbs

6. Remember Why You Write

7. Write Great Opening Lines

8. See Stories As Unfound Relics

9. Don’t Obsess About Genres

10. Avoid Phases Like…‘for a long moment’

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My approach to writing is not to overthink any one topic. When I find myself staring at my screen, trying to come up with the perfect sentence, that’s my key to walk away and loosen up. That is my advice for anyone who is trying to come up with an idea.

The more I write, the easier it becomes, and then I hit a brick wall. I go through hills and valleys, which is not very reassuring. Over time the learning curve will flatten. I have realistic expectations and know I will not become a “King.” Writing on this level (not research papers) is very new to me as it forces me to study what I am writing. Thinking about a subject or event is one thing, but writing and reading what I have written has forced me to rethink my original thought. It sounds good in my head but not so great on my monitor. I use the KISS rule in my approach. Too long and I will lose people’s interest. Too short, and I can’t say what needs to be said. I’m more of a Goldilocks Just Right person. That’s my aim anyway.

I’m really not giving anyone writing advice, because I’m too new at this. I did want to share my thoughts while in my infant blogging stage and hope to continue doing so as I become seasoned.

Writing is my escape and not a duty, which makes my days complete. I hope most writers feel the same.



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