Why Get a Tattoo?

Measure twice, and when you’re sure, measure again

Kevin Lennon
3 min readDec 7, 2020
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I don’t get it, or I used not to get it. Some transform their entire bodies into a walking billboard. A life history of who you are, where you will be, who you’re with, or unfortunately were with. A tattoo is a message, picture, or both that reminds the person of something unique or different. An event or milestone that is worth showing off. Why not wear something not so permanent? Why not wear a custom necklace or charm. Maybe some days you don’t want to announce to everyone that you, “Love Mike,” especially the day after Mike was found with Tim or Shelia or both. A bracelet is easy to leave behind on your nightstand. A tattoo, not so easy.

I admit that there is a fascination with getting a tattoo. I thought about it several times. My wife says she will get one soon — more power to her. Babe just doesn’t get it where the sun doesn’t shine. Or, if you do, have a female administer the artwork.

There are several reasons why you should NOT get a tattoo.


*Sick (you or the artist)

*Have Cancer or a skin condition

*Not sure of where to go

* You’re drunk or high

*The tattoo parlor seems iffy, dirty, smelly, too expensive, or inexperienced

*There are no samples of previous artwork

I’m sure there are more, but these stand out as the most obvious.

If I do decide to get artwork applied to my body, it would be something I know I could live with forever. A Tattoo should be thought of as a permanent decision. I don’t want to have “I love you, Betty” only to have it changed to “I loved you, Betty” or “I love you, XXXXX Sharon.”

I know several people who have tattoos. They have their kid’s names, pets who have passed, and the instruments they play. In particular, one person is very proud, as am I, of an achievement she made. She’s made many, but this one was life-changing. Congrats!

Be proud of who you are, want to be, or what you have accomplished. Don’t make an almost irreversible decision because of a whim or night out on the town. Be sure of where you want that piece of artwork applied. If you’re young, under 30 something, remember choices have consequences. Mike Tyson made his millions and then tattooed his face, and he wasn’t applying to Wall Street firms or trying to become a commercial pilot. If you get turned down for a job where you know you’re well qualified but have artwork on your face, head, or neck, don’t get angry. Yes, it does make a difference. All things are not socially tolerable just because you want to be different.

Photo by Oto Winkler on Unsplash

I like tattoos, and when done well can have an appeal on the right person. It’s similar to clothing. Some people wear clothing well. It doesn’t matter the shape or size or the person but instead its style and color. The same is true of tattoos and all subjective.

I’ve seen women with tattoos over most of their bodies, making it look sexy, and others not so much. Then some have a small heart or butterfly in just the right place, and that’s just enough. Of course, there is the guy with a tattoo on his chest that makes women swoon. But another guy with the same tattoo might make the same woman puke, again subjective. As I stated, it’s like wearing an outfit.

I’ll leave you with this.

Measure twice, and when you’re sure, measure again. Sleep on it and when you awake, use a different measuring tape and measure twice more. Now you’re ready to make that cut or put away the saw.



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